Top Ten Tuesday: The One Where She Bashes Your Faves

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Another Tuesday, another topic. This week we’re discussing well-loved characters that we hate and, in opposition, the hated characters we not-so-secretly stan for. Going into this was a bit hard because I really only started reading what everyone else is reading within the past couple of months. I had to dig deep for some names anyone I know and love would actually recognize, and I came up with this clusterfuck of a list. There aren’t actually ten names here. Sue me. Maybe this time next year, I’ll have more to offer. Until then… Here’s what I got

Beloved Characters I Actually Hate (Fight Me)


Let’s get this show on the road with a dynamic duo, shall we? I cannot stand Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark (pre-leg loss). I understood the world they were living in, but Katniss was just so goddamn annoying to me. She made this selfless act for her sister which was fine… but I literally spent the rest of the book thinking, “What makes you so special? Please stop.” I just… I just didn’t like her and spent the entire time I listened to The Hunger Games trilogy complaining about how I wish there was less Katniss and more of literally anybody else. As for Peeta, I hated him for most of the books… even though I knew what he was doing. Even though I knew deep down in my heart of hearts that Peeta was a character I should like (and I wanted to like him), I hated him. Still kind of do. Still roll my eyes whenever he’s brought up. Still don’t think they should have ended up together. Still bitter af.


I have never hated someone the way I hate Claire Fraser from Outlander. Girl, did you forget you had a husband in another world? Stop falling into bed with that Nice Young Man. She also tries way too hard to be a badass. Come on, Claire.  You’ve got to let it come naturally. You just don’t force things like that.

Okay, I’m gonna give you another couple. Ahem… Blue What’sHerFace (it’s Sargent, I know that) and Richard Gansey III from The Raven Cycle. Seriously, if I didn’t see these characters for the rest of the series, I would be way too satisfied. They’re just not interesting to me. I’m bored with their whole story and their eventual love. I just… I don’t like them. Which is probably why it’s getting increasingly difficult for me to slog through Blue Lily, Lily Blue. Too much Blue, not enough Ronan. Also, when is Gansey going to die?!


Bringing up the rear is Clary Fray. She was so dull to me and kind of hit one note and never progressed past that point. Like I’ve said before, I was way more interested in the background characters than her. And the story was kind of about her and Jace. Whoops. Granted, I’ve only read the first book of The Mortal Instruments, but I don’t see my feelings for her changing throughout the series. End of story.

Hated Characters I Actually Love (Come at Me, Bro)


I’m going to start out with public enemy numero uno– Joffrey Lannister. Yeah, you read that right. I love this boy. Not in the “He’s my favorite character in the history of characters” way, though. More in the “Wow. He’s the villain I deserve– the one I’ve been waiting on my entire life.” I love that, so far (I’m only in the second book right now, mind you), George isn’t giving this little shit any redeeming qualities… You know, other than the fact that he’s a kid. And I am living for it. He’s my fave. So bad without trying to be even a little good. Now, if later we have a feelgood moment with him, I can guarantee I won’t like him anymore.

My second choice is Frankenstein’s “Creature” who I will be referring to as “Adam” in this explanation. Anyway, I spent the second half of my senior year and most of my college career defending Adam and his humanity. I feel like I’ve grown close to him. While everyone else is all, “No, that’s a monster. Don’t do that.” I’m sympathizing with him and cradling him like he’s my child. I’ve had plenty of heated arguments regarding this. Come at me.

I kind of want to add Holden Caulfield to this list, but that’s probably Young Morgan speaking. I haven’t read The Catcher in the Rye since I was a tormented youth, sooooo… Adult Morgan would probably hate him. But, well, nostalgia.

So, which characters do you love to hate (or hate to love)?

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31 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: The One Where She Bashes Your Faves

  1. I have to agree with you about Joffrey. His character was a quality bad guy, so I have to agree with him being a great character. One of my favorite characters that everyone else hates is Iago. He’s the best thing about Othello, without him the play would’ve been blah. This is a great post!

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    • OMG. I loved Iago so much. He was so evil that I had a hard time not sitting in my Shakespeare class with a smug look on my face while we were discussing it. That play would be NOTHING without his meddling, and everyone knows it.

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      • Wasn’t he the perfect bad guy! No need to rationalize his evil or interpret it – he caused chaos just for the hell of it. Othello wasn’t even worth the ink or time Shakespeare put into it without Iago. Period.


  2. Wow that was so salty! Haha :) Not sure I agree with Peeta, Katniss, or Clary, but I COMPLETELY understand where you are coming from. They could be so annoying at times.


  3. I put Katniss and Peeta on my dislike side too! I didn’t hate them exactly, but there were many things I just disliked. I totally get your reasoning on Joffrey, he’s a character I love to hate, really. I also totally agree with your reasoning on ‘Adam’.
    I’ve only watched several episodes of Outlander, which I understand may be different from the books, but I agree with you on Claire – that was all just really weird for me.
    Great list! :)

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    • Thanks! So many things went wrong for me regarding the main character of the Hunger Games even though, overall, I enjoyed that series for what it was. Isn’t Joffrey simply the best worst? I think I’m just going to give up on actually reading the Outlander series and stick with watching the show. My coworker assures me it will be better for everyone that way, and I’m inclined to believe here c: Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!

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  4. I don’t like Katniss either, but my reason is that she has no emotion. How can you not have emotion when you’re going through all that??? It made me feel so disconnected from the books. I didn’t mind Peeta though lol. I read Frankenstein, but I don’t remember it. But I mean, isn’t the whole point if the story that Frankenstein himself is the real monster, or something like that? Lol maybe I’m making this up, but you keep on defending your creature.

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    • Hey, now. She’s a strong, independent character who feels nothing. Leave her alone! haha. She rubbed me the wrong way in that respect as well. But I usually just chalk it up to the author thinking they’re giving me something new by trying out the “cold-hearted, unfeeling man” trope on a woman which… just… no. That characterization needs to go away for all characters regardless of identity.

      You are totally not making that up. LOL. That was definitely the message… however, high school seniors and college freshmen like to play “devil’s advocate” and defend Frankenstein way too often for that book. I will defend him to the death! (That was dramatic, but you catch my drift)


  5. I hated Peeta with a fiery passion. I don’t think I’ve ever disliked a YA character as much as I despised him. I didn’t like Clary, even though I only read the first book. I don’t like that author’s writing style, come to think of it.

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    • SEE?! You get it! I kept ranting about how much I hated him to my carpool buddies, and they were having none of it. I, too, have only read the first book in that series (with honest-to-god intentions to read the next). The writing style definitely didn’t vibe well with me, but for some reason I’m hopeful that the next one will be better? Growth, right?


  6. Just the title of this post alone makes me happy. LOL. So much sass. And yes, I cannot stand Clary at all. She doesn’t even really do anything, she’s just there. Also, Katniss and Peeta both make my eye twitch. So much ughhhhh!

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    • LOL. Thanks! Sometimes just a bit of my inner sass manages to make it to this blog. Clary is so terrible which only made it worse that the entire first book followed her around. So glad we’re in agreement!

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      • I feel like if Clary didn’t try so hard to be badass I’d respect her more. Probably not though. And also, kudos to you because I read the first two books in the GoT series and Joffrey is definitely a noteworthy villain. He’s everything a villain should be. Still can’t stand him though. LOL.

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      • Bahaha. I doubt she would have been better. Though, I do always immediately shun any character that tries too hard to convince me that they’re a badass. If I couldn’t tell from your actions, it’s probably not true. LOL. I’m just not getting into the second book of the series, and I’m just so happy to hear there will be no moment where George tries to redeem this boy. He is everything I need in my life and more.


  7. I disagree with everything you said here :p Joffrey on the characters you like part actually made my jaw drop because I am ridiculous and over-dramatic like that. No worries about a feel-good moment with him as you progress through the books. That definitely is not going to happen.

    My TTT.

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    • Haha. I live to be dramatic and wholly unpopular in my opinions! I’m sooo glad there are no feel-good moments. Nothing ruins a villain more than explaining away his bad behavior. Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!


    • That is by far the best description of her. I’m so glad other people know it because I got into many an argument with coworkers over her.

      Heyy, he’s a solid choice! Lol. I can’t even say that with a straight face.

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    • A villain done right is all I ask for when reading, and George delivered. How could I not love him? Also, I am with you 100%. They just weren’t good.

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  8. I had a similar Game of Thrones-esque opinion- a character that is a total shit but that I’m 100% in awe of. Love you list! (I also hate Clary to the point I couldn’t even read past book 1 either…)

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    • Thanks! GoT has so many terribly amazing characters. I refuse to hate them like everyone else. I’m still stuck in book limbo trying to decide whether to keep moving forward or let it go. I’ve been here for about a year now.

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