Rating System


This is the highest of highs. This is some “we are not worthy” type of shit. I just got taken to church and reached a whole new level in my spirituality and oneness with the world around me. It is a rare phenomenon when something gets the 5-star rating because I don’t actually believe in this level of perfection (except for when it comes to children’s books). Hey, I’ve never been one to give 5/5 stars all willy nilly, and I won’t start now. But… who knows? Maybe one day.


OMG YES. YAAAS. Yes x Infinity. 100% would read again. 10/10 recommend that you get off your ass and read this book so we can talk about it. Something in this book touched me, and I’m actually proud to officially welcome it to my ever-growing bookshelf. A+, author. Good job doing the thing. All of the good books will probably get 4-star ratings from me (due to the whole “not giving out 5-star ratings ever” thing). Think of it like honors classes… if it has a four, you can probably round it up to a five. ;)


I see what you did there… And a part of me actually really liked it. Threes aren’t failures. (I mean, my grading scale starts at 4… how could this be a failure?) They just aren’t quite at the top of their class. These are the average novels that struck a chord but left me unfulfilled in another way (whether it be development of the plot and characters or the way the book is written). I still recommend you read these because usually a personal bias that holds me back from a novel might be someone else’s big YAS!


Uhm… okay…. You tried it, but you had more than one fatal flaw. I don’t condemn these books to Hell per say. I just think they could have been way better because this felt more like homework than anything else. There are hella conditions to recommending 2-star ratings to others, though. Like… “Read only if you– without a shadow of a doubt– love Mary Sues and Gary Stus” conditions.


No. Just no. 100% not for me. The bad outweighed the good (or there just isn’t any good) in these books. Now, I do think that every book might touch someone differently. However, I greatly prefer that books that fall in this rating never touch my space ever again. Also, if I couldn’t even finish a book, it’s definitely getting the 1-star rating.