Book Therapy: February 2016 (Pt. 2)

Book Therapy: The Epic Book Haul

ICYMI: Click here for part one of February’s reckless epic book haul.

Admittedly, my physical book haul post ran a bit long, so I didn’t even get to show you guys all of the pretty little eBooks I thirst-bought in February. You see… what had happened was… Amazon had an obnoxiously amazing deal on romance eBooks for Valentine’s Day Weekend. Of course, I had to buy a thing or two or ten. After all, romance is like… my top genre right up there with all of the YA goodness, and I have been slacking with it lately. So… I basically, thirst-bought five things before I realized I should probably get a little self control which only resulted in me spiraling even more out of control instead.

First things first, though, what exactly is a thirst-buy? You’ll be hearing me say this a lot on this blog (and on social media accounts), so I might as well give it some kind of personal definition:

So... what is thirst-buy?

There really isn’t too much rhyme or reason with many of my buys for this medium. I began the recklessness by snagging A Court of Thorns and Roses for the super cheap thanks to a very informative eBook deals post by the ever fabulous SciFiandScary. I’ve been wanting to read it, and I just couldn’t pass up having it for only $1.99. I also happen to be a faithful Amazon Prime member which means I get “First Reads” books every month, so that book is always a no-brainer +1 for me (it was Ghost Gifts this month).

The only other ones that I truly wanted were The Boy in the Black Suit and Octavia Butler’s Dawn and Adulthood Rites. I keep telling myself I’m going to finally read all of the things by this queen, and I just… haven’t yet. Hopefully these (and the physical copy of Kindred kick everything into gear for me concerning that). Meh. There’s not much to say about the rest, so you can view all of my digital purchases below. Ciao!

Book Therapy: February Book Haul Pt. 2

So, have you read any of these books?

Also, feel free to link me to your book hauls in the comments because I love looking through them!


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8 thoughts on “Book Therapy: February 2016 (Pt. 2)

    • I actually ended up liking Angelborn a lot. It gave a different side to the portrayal of angel in fiction. I just wish it had been a bit longer to give more depth to Maia and her little gift.

      Thanks for stopping by and happy reading!

      Liked by 1 person

      • That is so true! The whole seeing the dead thing wasn’t really utilized nor was it greatly relevant to the plot. Also, I sort of felt that the romance between Maia and Caleb was underdeveloped. But yeah, still a great, refreshing read.


      • It definitely was. Though, I had to forgive that relationship because the book did what it could within the small amount of pages without getting absolutely ridiculous.


      • Yep, I agree. The novel’s length really limited it. I’m hoping Angelfall is just as good, if not better.


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