Cliché AF: My Bookish Obsessions

Oh, come on. You knew eventually I would succumb to thrusting my own “bookish obsessions” into the book world. Just try to power through it, okay? Okay.

Ahem. Now, where’s that speech I prepared? Ah. Here we go…

As bookwyrms, we’re kind of labeled as the weirdos of the bunch for our odd obsessions when it comes to books. Or maybe that’s me. We sniff the new books (to make sure they’re new enough?) and we sniff the old books (to make sure they’re old enough?). Hell, we even buy those weird book-scented candles to fill our homes with the aroma. Aside from that, we cry and scream at the injustices on the pages and fall in love with fictional characters we’ve only known through words. We throw books but scream when someone rips out (or, gods forbid, dogears) the pages. We order our shelves but still hide books in the most awkward of places (this literally can’t just be me).

But all of these weird obsessions are what make us amazing. They’re what connect us. So, I’m happy to shove my bookish obsessions amongst the bulk of them.


The smell of books… Just kidding! I’m not that predictable.

When the book title appears in the book.

The more challenging this is, the better. I’m not talking “The Hunger Games” here because, of fucking course this is what we’ll be referencing the whole book. I’m talking about the chill I got as Cersei Lannister said “When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.” I SCREAMED. I paused the audiobook, turned to my coworker and tried to express how incredibly happy I was that this happened (thank God I work with fellow book lovers). Seriously when this happens, I’m like Lucille Bluth every single time Gene Parmesan “fools her” with his terrible costumes.

Ordered bookshelves

I say this as my current bookshelves look a hot ass mess. I don’t even have enough space for all of my books right now, so they’re all kind of haphazardly thrown here and there. My heart belongs to the pretty bookshelves organized by color. While this is something I would never do because I’m pretty anal about series being together and have my own little system for my shelves, I LOVE seeing someone else pull it off.

Book nooks

AKA The Second Reason I Can’t Wait to Be a Homeowner (second only to adopting a cat, duh). This is 100% life goals right here. I really just want a nice, quiet place where I can hide away from the world while reading to the sounds of Rainy Mood. Is that too much to ask? Apparently…


Book Stacks

More specifically, in used bookstores and libraries. Fun fact: I used to work in the libraries at both of my undergrad universities. Those were the most magical experience of my life. I wish real jobs in that field didn’t require a Master’s. Does it look like I want to go back to school and accrue even more debt >_> Nah. Nah, fam.

Weird bookmarks

One day, I will have enough photography skills to show you what I’m talking about. But… for my birthday this year, my sister actually made me some bookmarks of all of my faves– Woody from Toy Story, Idris Elba (love of my life), Sadness from Inside Out, and Frank from How to Get Away With Murder to name a few.

Neil Gaiman’s voice… fite me

AKA when your fave author reads her/his own book.

ron swanson

That euphoric feeling of…

“This is it. This is my baby, and I will cut anyone who tries to take this precious cinnamon roll away from me. YOU WILL HAVE TO PRY HIM/HER FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS.” This is usually followed up with me stopping every once in a while to mutter an expletive (in awe, of course).

  • read: me a la mid-Simon Vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, All of Saga, and All of A Darker Shade of Magic


Escaping into a world and not wanting to come back

There is just something euphoric about staying up until 4:30 am to read a book even though you have to be out of the house on your way to work by 5:27 am (and that’s not just the lack of sleep talking). When you don’t want to come back to reality because you’re so engrossed in the fictional world being built before you? That’s when you know an author is truly a master at their craft. After all, who needs sleep when you’re livin’ la vida loca in your new favorite world?

A mutual hate (or love) for a book or series.

Perhaps I’ve become more bitter with age, but I find it better to bond over books I dislike rather than books I like. Might I introduce you to Liam’s snark-filled analysis of Throne of Glass for reference (I know it’s like the umpteenth time I’ve linked this on my blog. Shut up. You’re obsessed.) But this gave me so much life. Sure, I never actually finished the damn book… Like, bless Liam’s heart for continuing that. But one day I will just to reread over his level of snark for *THE* Assassinliest Assassin in ALL of Assassin Land.


Meeting your magical merperson of an author

… and staring at them like an absolute idiot.

  • read: my entire experience at BookCon/BEA. I seriously almost bumped into Kendare Blake and couldn’t find the words to say “Sorry, excuse me” because I was too busy wondering how tf I was worthy enough to even be in her presence. Also, seeing Daniel Older the day after he found out he was a NYT Bestselling author and trying not to be that weirdo girl who just clapped every single time she saw him. Also, trying not to cry in front of Stiefvater. Basically, I’m a goddamn mess.

Guys, do you have one of these posts yet? I wanna read them! If not, what are some of your bookish obsessions?

12 thoughts on “Cliché AF: My Bookish Obsessions

  1. I did not do one of these posts yet, but I love this. And I also *love* when a book title is in the book. Bonus points when people in reviews say they didn’t get the book title, and you can be all, “It’s IN THE BOOK.”

    Liked by 1 person

    • ASSIMILATE! “One of us. One of us. One of us.” It was surprisingly enough a fun post to write, though, so I highly recommend c:

      That is probably one of my favorite things to read in someone else’s review. It usually leads to me just shaking my head and signing off, though, because I don’t want to be rude in the comments accidentally on purpose.


  2. What a great post, I LOVED reading about your obsessions and we definitely share some of these! I love when the title of the book isn’t that obvious at first, but then suddenly it just makes sense, and here I am screaming because this is just SO good ahah :) And YES to that euphoric feeling – Simon ? ADSOM ? Felt the same way. Like I was one crazy person reading my book and loving it like CRAZY.


  3. My heart, it might burst with joy and total agreement that bonding over snark is THE way to bond. Let us be old and bitter and snarking contentedly together always; it’ll be a beautiful friendship.

    And hey, I have a spare cat if you’d like to borrow her occasionally until you have a gorgeous nook-filled home to stuff full of cats. (Fair warning: she’s dumb as a rock, and tends to smoosh her face against you and drool. And she won’t be winning any beauty pageants. Sweet as sugar, though, the poor dear.) Is there a cat type or breed or personality profile you particularly like?

    “Also, trying not to cry in front of Stiefvater. Basically, I’m a goddamn mess.”


    Excellent list, well chosen. 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • YES! We can just sitting in our corner and snark over everyone’s faves. I am ready. I’ve always wanted to be that old person that constantly shouts, “GET OFF MY LAWN!,” anyway; so really this is the next best thing.

      100% Would Borrow. I think I might prefer a short-hair cat this time around. I had a Himalayan in my youth. And while he was my sweet babe (who hated everyone else like any loyal cat would), he was so difficult to keep groomed and his hair was not the best addition to my all-black wardrobe. It’s hard to incite fear in your enemies when you are covered in white cat hair… in the oddest of places.

      Liam, you don’t even understand. I met that woman two days in a row. You’d think I would be better equipped to handle her that second time, but nooo. I still didn’t have my shit together and almost cried. Clearly, this is how an actual adult should handle all social situations. I am the best example.

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      • Real talk: we’re the best. 😁

        Wah, Himalayans are gorgeous! And what an excellent cat yours was, with such true devotion.

        Oh my god, Morgan, how do you keep being so cool? I support your all-black wardrobe 100%, cat hair included. And yes to the frustration of having to actually ASK people to move out of your way, rather than have them naturally create a pathway for you, because of the fluffs of cat hair on your clothes and face.

        I hope you find the perfect short-haired love, whose fluff won’t detract from you badassness.

        Ha! But really, HOW ARE YOU NOT STILL SOBBING? You really are the best example; 10/10 will emulate.


    • Thank you ^__^

      And exactly that. When I met Maggie Stiefvater, I was standing in line with my friends/coworkers so I had enough time to spazz tf out and run questions by them before getting up in front of her. When I met Sherman Alexie, though, there was no amount of pep talks I could give myself to get me through the moment… so, I ended up just standing there looking incredibly starstruck and babbling about which book I wanted. It was a mess.

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  4. This post is brilliant! You had me rolling on the floor with going back to Uni for that master’s degree. Who the hell wants to rack up more depth?! Oh, and amen to that opportunity to escape reality that only some books manage to give us! :D

    – Lashaan

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  5. I remember that line from Cersei, I SCREAMED. So. Good. You have to get photos of those bookmarks, I never realised how badly I needed one of Frank until now! And I’ve colour coded one bookshelf with standalones, and it took me hours. I was you before that, fangirling over everyone else’s (I still do!) :)

    Liked by 1 person

    • RIGHT?! How could you not? It was so cleverly placed and so in character. I just had to clap it up for George RR Martin from that moment on. Also, YOU NEED IT! Promise a Frank bookmark will make your reading experience that much better. TBH, I’m greatly considering having my sister make me an all-shaved Frank because that version of him grew on me so quick [/fans self]

      Ah. Congrats on that color coding because I know it is gorgeous. It probably wouldn’t work for me considering I’ve noticed that most of my books are dark colors (Okay… they’re black, mostly). While it’s on brand for me as a person, it would do nothing for that color coding business. lol.

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