5 Ways to Get Over Your Reading Slump

So, you’ve just finished the greatest (or worst) book EVER, and you seem to have fallen into a bit of a slump? Or… maybe you’re like me and just can’t seem to get back into the groove of conquering your TBR book by book. Don’t worry. All readers get to this place at some point. You’re not damned to never find another book enjoyable… hopefully. It won’t always be like this. Trust me.

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Diversity Spotlight Thursday #5 – Trans Characters

Diversity Spotlight ThursdayHosted by Aimal @ Bookshelves and Paperbacks, Diversity Spotlight Thursday is a weekly meme used to promote diverse reads that may otherwise go unnoticed. Every week, you come up with one book in each of three different categories: a diverse book you have read and enjoyed, a diverse book on your TBR, and one that has not yet been released. Check out this announcement post for more information on how to join in on the fun and spread diverse reads to the world! Continue reading

Review: Radio Silence by Alyssa Cole

During my ten billion year hiatus, I was determined to keep poking at my reading slump, so I picked up the shortest books I could find. I really wanted to knock out all of those $1.99 romance books I thirst-bought at the beginning of the year, but I only ended up reading two before getting distracted from the cause at hand and buying other books (because I lack the self-control). This was originally supposed to be two mini reviews, but I’m an English major. Writing so many words about something so short was literally my major.

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Top Ten Tuesday: The One Where She Takes Us Back to the ’90s

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FINALLY! I’m ready to jump back into the groove of Top Ten Tuesday. This week’s topic was a “Movie Freebie” which, of course, begged for me to deviate a little. I’m not really a movie gal, but I am a ’90s TV kid. From cartoons to feel-good family shows– you name it, I’ve probably watched it. It was just a great decade to own a TV. There was so much unapologetic (and positive!) black shows, and I lived for every moment of it. Yes, I’m one of those annoying people who gets caught up in the nostalgia of yesteryear. Deal with it.

So, here are they are. The ten shows that I will be keeping my DVR-finger ready for.

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Okay… Literally Be Our Guest, Though

I promise that my actual bookish post for this day will come soon… but my friend just posted this official Beauty and the Beast live action trailer on Facebook AND I HAVE BEEN SOBBING FOR DAYS. I’m not going to lie. I don’t care much for Emma Watson. This movie, though. UGH. I swore to myself that I would actively shy away from any of the live actions, but I just can’t with this one. I’m way too invested.

So, here. I’m shoving this in your face.

And if you don’t like it, do me a favor. DON’T TELL ME. I, too, have some reservations about some things, but LET ME HAVE THIS BEAUTY IN MY LIFE FOR A WHILE, OKAY?!

On a Positive Note

Despite the fact that I am essentially a trend junkie at my job (that’s it… that’s what I get paid the “big bucks” to do), I have never been inspired to apply those findings to my blog till now. Let’s rewind: Back in September, we started a program that involves the lot of us getting together to either watch a relevant talk or discuss topics that impact our work environment on all levels (while eating bagels!). For the first one, we watched “The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance,” and quite a few things Shawn Achor said actually resonated with me. I do want to help my creativity levels with a little positivity (because my depression and my subsequent abandoning of this blog go hand in hand). He suggested a few things to evoke a more positive outlook such as:

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#Bookvember Take Four


It’s Friday. Friday. Gotta get down on Friday.

We’ve made it to the end of the week, and it’s finally time for me to unleash my second official book recommendation of the week. In keeping with the (unintentional) trend of discussing queer fiction all week, I’ve got yet another for you to add to your list.

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