Week in Review 11/21/16

It’s the 27th. IT. IS. THE. 27th. I’m so happy because that means this whole one post a day will officially be over, and I can finally breathe and check out all of your wonderful blogs in depth. Seriously, I hope y’all are ready for me to be incredibly annoying in your comment sections.

Moving on! Here’s my week in review…

A Week in Review with The Backlist Babe

A Week in Reading

Currently Reading What I’m Supposed to be Reading:

    • Shadow and Bone by Leigh Barduga
      I’m kind of hooked. I’m lost, but I’m kind of hooked. I won’t lie to you and say that I haven’t had those moments where I was like, “UGH. This is that kind of book?!?!” but I also haven’t wanted to fling the book across the room yet. Progress.

New to the Bookshelves

Coffee Boy by Austin ChantCoffee Boy
by Austin Chant – This is a newer trans fiction novella (featuring an MM romance, if you needed to know for your own personal records). The world needs more #ownvoices stories in this genre; and I really need to up my awareness of all the new ones coming out. So, here you guys go. I got this rec from the one and only Vee, co-founder of GayYA. Once more, I feel the need to remind you that whenever Vee recommends something, I add it to my TBR IMMEDIATELY. They’re very on point with their recommendations. (Also, if you’re not following them on Twitter, wtf are you doing? You’re missing out.

In Case You Missed It…

    • I started the week off with a #Bookvember recommendation featuring my beloved Lumberjanes.
    • On Tuesday, I took out the time to assimilate to book blog culture for a bit, and give you guys my bookish obsessions. My #1 book obsession is, obviously, a mutual hate (or love) for a book or series.
    • I finally posted my audiobook review of All American Boys. You guys just don’t know how important that book was for me when I read it. Like… I want to dedicate a shrine to that bad boy on my shelf.
    • For the day of thanks, it was only proper that I give you guys three books I’m thankful for in this week’s Diversity Spotlight Thursday.
    • My second #Bookvember book rec was yet another graphic novel I’m really into, ya dig?
    • And I closed out the week with my take on the Try a Chapter Tag… You can find out how I actually settled on actually reading Shadow and Bone.

Coming Soon!

    • Everything is a little up in the air for the week. I have a few reflection posts half-typed (along with a book blog request). Also, a semi-rant on trigger warnings. So, we’ll see which ones I’m satisfied with before the week is out.

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3 thoughts on “Week in Review 11/21/16

  1. Hey! Thanks for the follow. I’ve only read one of your posts so far, but I’m definitely going to follow back. AND I’m adding Coffee Boy to my TBR. RIGHT NOW. I felt the same way about Shadow and Bone, but I agree with Transhaan about the rest of the series. Happy reading!! -eli


  2. I’m a member of my local library association’s LGBTQ section, and let me tell you, GayYA is my everything when I’m looking for book recommendations to share with library colleagues. Such an amazing resource for anyone who works with books and readers!


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