Try a Chapter – Fantasy, Greek Myth, and Magical Realism, Oh My!

So, it’s no secret that I was falling terribly behind on my Goodreads challenge (Seriously, how ambitious was 50 books for a girl who hadn’t really read a book for pleasure for YEARS). However, I haven’t been able to find anything to read that stuck. So, I’ve just been trolling through the interwebs trying to get my reading mojo back when I came across the Try a Chapter tag on Zezee’s blog. It was just the thing I needed to get myself to commit to something. This tag was created by Malia at BookParadise (booktuber), and here be the guidelines:

Choose 5+ books you’ve been meaning to read.

Read up to the first chapter, prologue included.

Decide if you’ll complete it or set it aside.

So, I grabbed my latest TBR victims, and put them to the test this past week. And because I am Morgan, I cheated and only picked up the top 3 books I want to read. The results weren’t too helpful because I am a believer that I have impeccable taste in books that most first chapters are deceiving, but I do want to continue on with this method on a monthly basic because it was fun this time around. Now, I just know you guys are dying to know how things went down, so here it is…

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller

I’m in. I’m all the way the fuck in. God. I don’t even care if this book isn’t 100% true to the Iliad or whatever the fuck, I got so happy reading the first two chapters (because I don’t follow directions) and those were just Patroculus’ flashbacks. I am very surprised, though. I thought this was going to be taken from Achilles’ POV, tbh, but who cares? It’s good right now! (Should I read the last chapter to make sure it stays good, or…?) Will continue. YES! Now? No. Sooon? HECK YES!

When the Moon Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemore

Precious precious McLemore. Will there ever be a day when her beautiful writing doesn’t cause a visceral reaction in me? I SCREAMED when I read the intro quote because it’s an excerpt from an Andrea Gibson poem (AND I AM IN LOVE WITH ANDREA GIBSON). Also, I’m so into the story right now and want to know more about Sam and Miel because I’ve been waiting for this book for FOREVER. However, I’m not in the mood for it. Which makes me sad and is why I’m putting this on the back burner. I will not let my mood taint this book of wonder. Will continue. YES! Now? Nah. Soon? Maybe after The Song of Achilles.


Shadow and Bone by Leigh Barduga

Well, I kept reading, so there’s your answer? I will admit that I’m lost af in all of the new language. Like… as soon as I think I know wtf a Corporalki is, they start naming them by type, and all of a sudden I’m like that meme of the guy with the question marks around his head. Also, I’m wary of Alina. Probs because I’m not sure if I’m actually rooting for her, but more on that later! Will continue. YES! Now? Duh.

If you’d like to know how this decision to keep moving forward went down, here’s the gist:


Have you guys read any of these books? If so, what were your thoughts?

3 thoughts on “Try a Chapter – Fantasy, Greek Myth, and Magical Realism, Oh My!

  1. “And because I am Morgan, I cheated and only picked up the top 3 books I want to read.”

    Such a rulebreaker, you.

    Confirmed: your taste is impeccable, AND too many first chapters aren’t indicative of the glory that awaits further in.

    This is such a neat idea, though!

    I can’t even tell you how much I need your review of Song of Achilles in my life. I haven’t read it, and probably never will (I 100% do not enjoy tragedies, and unless this book vastly alters the conclusion of this particular myth, it’ll be an eternal NOPE for me), so I’d like to read it vicariously through you. Eventually. No pressure.

    Note to self: look up this Andrea Gibson person.

    Can’t wait for that Shadow and Bone review! It’s high on my TBR, too. I wasn’t a fan of it the first time I read it (have I already told you this?), but hopefully I was just being a grump. May it bring you all the joy.

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  2. Lol yes that tag certainly helps in choosing a new book when you’re stuck.
    I haven’t yet read Song of Achilles, but I’d like to and the Orang-utan Librarian recently reviewed it. There aren’t any spoilers but she does critique it a little (she loved it). And I’ve read Shadow and Bone and I enjoyed it but thought it was an okay read. If you read both it and Song of Achilles at the same time, you might get through Shadow and Bone first because it’s a pretty quick read.

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