#Bookvember Take Six


We have finally made it to Friday. Let’s all celebrate by reading the weekend away~

Here’s my book recommendation for the day:

Fairytales for Lost Children by Diriye OsmanFairytales for Lost Children by Diriye Osman

“The magic of the secret garden is that it exists in our imagination. There are no limits, no borderlines. The secret garden leads to the marigolds of Mogadishu and the magnolias of Kingston and when the heat turns us sticky and sweet and unwilling to be claimed by defeat we own the night. We own our bodies. We own our lives.”

I know. I know. I already talked a bit about this in an earlier Diversity Spotlight Thursday featuring queer characters, but I still feel like not enough people are aware of this beautiful collection… So here you go! Read this. It’s important. You can all thank me later.

As told by Goodreads:
Fairytales For Lost Children is narrated by people constantly on the verge of self-revelation. These characters – young, gay and lesbian Somalis – must navigate the complexities of family, identity and the immigrant experience as they tumble towards freedom. Using a unique idiom rooted in hip-hop, graphic illustrations, Arabic calligraphy and folklore studded with Kiswahili and Somali slang, these stories mark the arrival of a singular new voice in contemporary fiction.

If you want to know more about what the hell a #Bookvember is, head on over to the intro post. Feel free to join the fun either on your blog or on Twitter!

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