Top Ten Tuesday: The One Where She Takes Us Back to the ’90s

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FINALLY! I’m ready to jump back into the groove of Top Ten Tuesday. This week’s topic was a “Movie Freebie” which, of course, begged for me to deviate a little. I’m not really a movie gal, but I am a ’90s TV kid. From cartoons to feel-good family shows– you name it, I’ve probably watched it. It was just a great decade to own a TV. There was so much unapologetic (and positive!) black shows, and I lived for every moment of it. Yes, I’m one of those annoying people who gets caught up in the nostalgia of yesteryear. Deal with it.

So, here are they are. The ten shows that I will be keeping my DVR-finger ready for.

Ten ’90s TV Shows I NEED to Make a Comeback (like… yesterday)


Ten '90s TV Shows I NEED to Make a Comeback

In Order of Appearance:

Recess // Daria (because dat me) // Rugrats // Doug // Family Matters // The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air // Sister Sister // The Nanny // Roseanne // Kenan and Kel


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