On a Positive Note

Despite the fact that I am essentially a trend junkie at my job (that’s it… that’s what I get paid the “big bucks” to do), I have never been inspired to apply those findings to my blog till now. Let’s rewind: Back in September, we started a program that involves the lot of us getting together to either watch a relevant talk or discuss topics that impact our work environment on all levels (while eating bagels!). For the first one, we watched “The Happiness Advantage: Linking Positive Brains to Performance,” and quite a few things Shawn Achor said actually resonated with me. I do want to help my creativity levels with a little positivity (because my depression and my subsequent abandoning of this blog go hand in hand). He suggested a few things to evoke a more positive outlook such as:

  • Write down three things you’re grateful for
  • Start journaling about the positives

For one reason or another, I just stopped journaling. Now, I want to get back to it here in my corner of the internet. On a Positive Note will be a biweekly feature during which I highlight the current positive successes in my life. Some may be book-related, but quite a few might not be (there’s your warning).

On a Positive Note

Now, after the hell of this past week, I’ll give you my top five positive things from October. Because, yeah, I actually made a list in my planner for this very moment.

Five Positives of October:

    1. I rebranded and reopened my blog! It’s been a long time coming, but I’m seriously happy to be back in the wonderful world of book bloggers and hope to discover new friends in the days to come.
    1. I read two absolutely amazing books– Labyrinth Lost by Zoraida Cordova and Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi.
    1. I went on a little nature hike October, and it was probably the single greatest form of self-care I’ve given myself in a while (which is weird because I’m not usually a fan of anything that involves physical exercise). I just hiked through the cliffs and took frequent read stops (More Happy Than Not by Adam Silvera, in case you were wondering) and snapped a lot of pictures. Everything was just so calm, and I’ve never felt so at peace.
    1. I kinda sorta started watching Luke Cage, and it has been the best.
    1. HALLOWEEN! Anyone who knows me IRL knows that I place Halloween above my own birthday. It’s just such an amazing time for me (even if I’m doing absolutely nothing). This year, though, I got to dress up in two different costumes. I debuted at a costume party as Sadness from Inside Out then pulled out all the stops to bring Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmations to life for my job’s Halloween party. And you know what? I WON the individual costume contest.

Yes, my little sister was the Phantom of the Opera.

Have anything positive you’d like to share? Drop a comment. I’m all about reading other people’s happy moments, and the world could use a little more positivity these days. (Also if you have any blogs you’d like to recommend, drop a link!)

2 thoughts on “On a Positive Note

  1. You have a lot of terrific things going on on your blog. I like this, and the Quotable, and Diversity Spotlight. It’s all pretty inspiring! Your costume (and your sister’s) is awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

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