#Bookvember Take Four


It’s Friday. Friday. Gotta get down on Friday.

We’ve made it to the end of the week, and it’s finally time for me to unleash my second official book recommendation of the week. In keeping with the (unintentional) trend of discussing queer fiction all week, I’ve got yet another for you to add to your list.

Without further adieu…

Here’s my book recommendation for the day:

Superior by Jessica LackSuperior by Jessica Lack

“How old are you?” he asks. “Um, sixteen. Why?” “Kidnapping a minor seems pretty bad.” “Um, dude, all kidnapping is bad,” I say.

Disclaimer: Contrary to what that cover might lead you to believe, this is not a comic/graphic novel. I mean, I’m sure the lot of you are way smarter than me, but I was confused for a brief moment.

Let’s get down to business.

This little novella (guys, it’s only like 56 pages) was just a little pile of fluff that gave me warm fuzzies on the inside. As you saw from my brief Nimona rant on Monday, I’m a sucker for villain stories. I’m also always down for superheroes and complain constantly about this being a virtually untapped topic in books, but I digress. Superior delivered way more than I ever imagined.

First things first, this story is about THE INTERNS of one of the greatest superheroes in town and one of the well-known villains which is really what tugged me in. Like, what do the interns do all day? They’re also super attracted to one another, and it’s endearing to watch them figure out how to handle that. UGH. I don’t really know how much to say without (a) giving the whole story away because it was so short or (b) basically copy/pasting my forthcoming review here. So, I’ll simply give you the synopsis (I say after the longest paragraphs known to man) and let you do with it what you will.

* You can read Superior right here. Or get it from Amazon where the kindle version is only $1.99!

As told by Goodreads:

Here’s the thing about being a superhero intern: there’s a lot less crime fighting than you think there will be, what with the whole liability issue and the administrative headache of constantly monitoring the Heroic Help Hotline. The most action that Jamie sees happens when he is kidnapped by the supervillain of the week–and then waits for his boss, Captain Superior, to show up and rescue him. Again.

On his most recent nabbing, Jamie gets to meet Tad, Terrorantula’s new villainous apprentice. Even though they are supposed to be on opposite sides (or are they?), sparks fly almost immediately. So, when Tad offers to give Jamie much-needed self-defense classes, how could Jamie pass the opportunity to hang out with the coolest (and hottest) guy he knows?

But Tad has a secret–one that threatens the budding relationship between the two teenage sidekicks, and could destroy Captain Superior forever.

If you want to know more about what the hell a #Bookvember is, head on over to the intro post. Feel free to join the fun either on your blog or on Twitter!

2 thoughts on “#Bookvember Take Four

  1. Yay, we’ve made it to the weekend! And now I am in a better state of mind to read blogs and comment on them..My posting schedule was thrown off course as well but I hope to go back to normal on Monday.
    I have fallen behind on my Twitter #bookvember recommendations due to all the post-election grief I’ve experienced, so thank you for reminding me.

    lol! I assumed this book was a graphic novel too just from the cover. x)

    Liked by 1 person

    • FINALLY. Last week definitely felt like two weeks rolled into one. I’m glad you’re in a better place now, and I can’t wait for you to jump back in it. I look forward to all of the new posts coming my way. You can do it!

      RIGHT?! This is why I needed to warn people. No one deserves to be that thrown off within the first ten seconds of a book. xD


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