Reviews After Dark: An Introduction

Reviews After Dark via Bookenstein

Hi, everyone! Today, I would like to take the time out to introduce you to Reviews After Dark– a new book review segment coming to you via Bookenstein. Starting today, Fridays will be dedicated to any new books I’ve read that are definitely not kid-friendly. If you’ve skimmed over my about me page (which is in desperate need of an update), you may have noticed that I’ve listed romance as a genre near and dear to my heart. Now, I’m finally going to start posting book reviews for those “shameful” books in my queue as well.

I know. I know. Why go the extra mile? Why not just loop them in with the rest? Why create a separate feature with a designated day? I have a few reasons:

  • This is my blog. I wanted to do the thing, so I’m doing the thing.
  • Second: Order. If I dedicate a certain day to certain things, eventually I’ll get myself on a decent schedule I feel comfortable following… probably.
  • More posts! Guys, I’m so far behind on posting book reviews that I’ll probably be writing reviews until the day I die to make up for everything. Now, I get to post two a week if I so choose ;)
  • Most importantly, though, I’m starting Reviews After Dark because I want to share my love of the romance/erotica genre but keep it separate from the rest. Am I ashamed? Hell no (please refer to the first bullet point). However, I’ve noticed that I tend to hold this genre to a completely different set of standards. Things that I would never let fly anywhere else, I have been giving free passes to for years here. Let me give you an example: Where I won’t tolerate insta-love in other genres at all, I can let it slide (within reason) here because sometimes that’s what I want. I can go into a book knowing there’s going to be some weird supernatural (or otherwise) reason we’re going the hit it and quit it route, and I’ve stopped complaining so much about it.

Luckily for you, most of these book reviews won’t be that in depth because a lot of the ones I’ll be reading right now (namely, the ones I thirst-buy when there are sales) are teeny tiny novellas. Seriously, hit it and quit it, man.

So, there it is.

Reviews After Dark via Bookenstein

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