Tag Me Thursday: This or That

Welcome to Tag Me Thursday!

One of these weeks, I will actually adhere to my own personal schedule for this blog.

On with the show! I was tagged by the lovely Astra over at A Stranger’s Guide to Fiction in this post right here. As I understand, there is no time limit on these, so you’ll be seeing a few more throughout the month. I’m trying to catch up guys, I swear.

This or That?

Audio or physical book?
This is actually a pretty difficult question. I want to say physical, but I also listen to an awful lot of audiobooks. What is this question? Which do I prefer? Which do I read more of? CLARIFY YO’SELF. Ugh. Since, it would seem as though I must choose, I have to pick Physical Books! They just look oh so pretty on my shelves; I love staring at them; and I love the feel of them. I can’t get that same satisfaction with audios. Also… some readers aren’t the best fit. With a physical book, it’s always the best fit… until it’s not.

Paperback or Hardback?
Definitely paperback. I REALLY hate hardcover with a burning passion. I’m the girl that is constantly complaining about every new release and library book coming as a hardcover book (despite now knowing why). They’re just too rough, and they don’t bend to my will. I can admit that large tomes and things like that are amazing in hardback. But if I had to choose my favorite, Paperback wins hands down. Duh.

Fiction or non-fiction?
. Is… Is this even a question? I am more than willing to admit that I’m a bit closed off when it comes to trying to dive into other genres. Hey, it is the reason I signed up for the PopSugar Ultimate Reading Challenge this year (which I’ll probably officially quit come mid-year). I just don’t want to read about real life. I’m living it. Give me fake love stories and far off lands, and I’ll be one satisfied cookie.

Fantasy world or real life issues?
This is hard because my main genres at the moment are fantasy and contemporary, so how am I supposed to pick one! I guess I’ll have to go with Fantasy because the thing I like most in contemporaries are the characters and their development; and if I pick my fantasies properly, then I can have those in a magical setting and get the best of both worlds (<– alright. calm down, Hannah Montana).

Harry Potter or Twilight?
I can’t answer this… because I’ve only read Twilight, and I’m not picking that. Le gasp! A self-proclaimed book lover who has never read Harry Potter?! We must take away her reading card. Really, I’ve heard it all before.

Borrow or buy?
Buy… Good lord, I feel so bad when I borrow and don’t return in a timely manner. For example, take the copy of The Tao of Pooh chilling out on my bookshelf that my coworker graciously let me borrow MONTHS ago… that I still haven’t read. With the length of time it’s been in my possession, she’s definitely going to expect me to have read it by the time I return it. Hopefully some time soon. It’s just so fucking dense right now.

Monster reads or short & sweet?
If it’s a fantasy, you bet your ass I want a monster read. Though, I prefer my contemporaries to be short. Something I’ve noticed is that when contemporaries decide to go longer than 350 pages, I get so darn bored because somehow the pacing gets thrown off. As if the author forgot they were going to have to keep me entertained halfway through. Seriously, if you’re not giving me an overload of information, you don’t have to talk my ear off for ten million days.

Starry eyed romance or full of action?
FULL OF ACTION. I’m sorry. That gif was a bit misleading, wasn’t it? If it’s one thing I’ve learned from listening to Outlander it’s that I simply can’t take the drawn out, starry-eyed romance. I need some action at every possible turn, or I will throw up a bit in my mouth… Okay, that was dramatic af. I can actually deal with starry-eyed romance sometimes. It really just depends on the author/subject at hand.

Curl up in your snuggle or bathe in the sun?
Curl up in my snuggle (whatever the fuck that means). I don’t like being outside. Besides, I’m a creature of the night. Keep me out of the sun, or I will melt into a disgusting puddle that constantly attacks your nice, new shoes.

Coffee or tea?
Coffee definitely. Tea is so gross. [Disclaimer: This statement is only true because I don’t know how to make tea properly… probably]. While I will drink Arizona Arnold Palmers for DAAAAAYS, I’m a coffee girl at heart. It makes me feel like such an adult.


Well, that was loads of fun. I don’t know why I keep putting these off. Anywhos, if you want to jump on this, go right ahead. I’m so late to the book blogging world, so I’m probably the caboose where tags/awards are concerned which is part of the reason I won’t really be tagging anyone. Oh well. Catch you monsters next Thursday ;)

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3 thoughts on “Tag Me Thursday: This or That

  1. Loved your answers!
    Yes, I think that’s why I liked An Ember In The Ashes so much. There was so much action even though there was romance (which I didn’t like, but you can’t have your cake and eat it). I get what you mean about non-fiction but non-fiction books can be really interesting when you pick the right one :)


  2. Coffee is a very adult drink, so – I believe – my sophistication level rises when I’m drinking it. I could not agree more with “I simply can’t take the drawn out, starry-eyed romance.” They’re the absolute worst and kinda make me sick, especially with really long books (which you mentioned). Great tag!


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