It Gets Better… Right? Pt.1

It wasn’t until last year that I really got back into the swing of things as some of you may recall reading about in this earlier post. Coincidentally, last year was also the first time I’ve ever intentionally filed a book away as not only DNF but also DNPUEALYBFTCM (Do Not Pick Up Ever Again Lest You Be Forced To Commit Murder, naturally). From that, you can probably gather that I forced myself to keep on trucking through many a book in my time.

While I’ve grown to be one of those people who will not hesitate to toss a book to the side if I’m not interested enough in the first chapter or so, there’s this part of me that is truly worried that I’m throwing in the towel on my current reads too early in the game. So, now I’m bothering the book community with my big question…

It Gets Better... Right?

My books in questions are two that I always hear so many good things from friend, foe, and stranger alike– Outlander and Scarlet. Rather than talk your ear off, I’ll get straight into my current problem with each just kidding. I started ranting so the Scarlet post will come a bit later.

Thoughts on Outlander:

Okay, let me give you a little background. I’m listening to this beast as an audiobook despite owning a physical copy because I just don’t have the time to dedicate to reading an 850 page book outside of work. Do you know how many face-paced physical books I could get through in that time? Not many, tbh. Anyway, it came highly recommended by two of my precious coworkers whose judgment I wholeheartedly trust. So, I caved and finally let one of them lend me her Kindle during the work day to listen.

The problem now? I’M BORED.

I’m maybe 1/3 of the way into this beast, and nothing has happened??? That’s a lie. Things have happened. But nothing in the works to make me go, “Wow. Yeah… You know what? I can sit here and listen to another 500+ pages!” I found Jamie’s backstory hella interesting (I’m a sucker for details), but… where’s the FIGHT?! WE. ARE. IN. WAR.

Now, I’m a fan of every day slice-of-life books as much as the next person (probably even more so, actually), but… well… I don’t want to put up with that for over 800 pages. Am I wrong for thinking that? Granted, I went into this book completely blind, so my expectations were obnoxiously high. I have no clue still what it’s even about aside from Claire being an Englishwoman from the 1940s who somehow travels back in time to a period during the war between England and Scotland. However, what I do (or, rather, did) know going into it is that a book this long probably has a lot of action. I was wrong. So horribly wrong.

Let me tell you where I am, Claire and Jamie are married now. And I’m just like…. “Oh no. This is a roundabout way of being a straight up romance novel isn’t it?”

I just… I just cannot go on if this is just me watching a relationship with nothing happening in the background. Is Dougal planning something? Like… is he secretly a big baddie who is going to attempt to overthrow his brother? Is his brother going to die and Dougal takes over? Is Claire going to change history? IS SHE?! Where is Randall? I need him to come fuck shit up again. At least that would be unexpected and interesting. Hell, WHERE IS FRANK?!?! (and are you going back to him any time soon, Claire?)

I think what saved A Game of Thrones from getting dull with me (despite it being so long) were the different points of view I got to experience. Here, I just get one– Claire. And it’s hella painful to think about when you’re spending half of your time being annoyed with her and the way she’s written/read. Also, I guess it helps that my friend George kills people off left and right to keep you on your toes.

Ugh. I just really need everyone’s help. Is it going to get better? Am I literally right around the corner from greatness? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “It Gets Better… Right? Pt.1

  1. Nope. I was entertained enough to finish the first book and start the second, but it’s all kind of the same. (Please don’t hurt me, oh lovers of all things Outlander. I’m okay with you loving the series. I just don’t.)

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    • Noooo. That’s tragic, but thank you for your honesty. Haha. I totally don’t want to be smote by the Outlander lovers [or my coworkers, for that matter].


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